Kellogg’s Opens Retail Location To Replace Hot Cereal With Haute Cereal

When most people think Kellogg’s as a brand, they think Corn Flakes or maybe Raisin Bran. What no one thinks is “yuppie street cred.”

For now anyway, Kellogg’s has actually already elicited that exact reaction with the opening of its first brick-and-mortar location: a cereal bar in Manhattan.

With white-painted brick walls and chalkboard art, this is not your mother’s cereal or your grandmother’s porridge. Forget hot cereal, this is haute cereal with big name talent, locally sourced ingredients served fresh.

And your way, of course. The build-your-own option exists for the discerning cereal eater, meaning that if you just don’t feel like you’ve had breakfast until almond butter and green tea powder are part of the lineup, you’re all set.

Kellogg’s NYC is a mash-up of the creative ideas behind the Milk Bar founder owner Christina Tosi, Journee CEO and former Per Se general manager Anthony Rudolf, and the Kellogg Company.

While Tosi masterminds the cereal mixes, Rudolf engineers the dining experience and Kellogg’s hopes that its 4th of July opening branded brick-and-mortar location will turn out to the the right mix of quirky, cool and salable.

“We think this is a powerful way to re-imagine a bowl of cereal,” said Noel Geoffroy, Kellogg’s senior vice president of morning foods marketing and innovation, during a recent preview of the new space.