Amazon Adds Outfit Compare Feature to Mobile App

Amazon just released a new feature that effectively adds “personal fashion consultant” to the online retailer’s ever-growing list of offerings. Outfit Compare, as it’s called, just recently made its debut for Prime members on Amazon’s shopping app.

Picture a mobile-optimized version of Cher Horowitz’ outfit selection software from the movie Clueless. That’s essentially what Amazon has going on here. The feature asks shoppers to upload two photos of themselves wearing two different ensembles — presumably that they can’t choose between.

The photos are sent to an Amazon stylist, who assesses the outfit options based on fit, color story, styling and current trends. In the FAQ, Amazon notes that the on-demand stylists come from varied backgrounds in the fashion industry, including retail, editorial, styling and other creative fields.

On the privacy end, Amazon notes that the photos are viewed solely by their stylists. Additionally, users have the option to delete any photos in-app.

The feature first appeared on Amazon’s iPhone app earlier this month with a version for Android currently in the works. Amazon’s long-term plan for the feature — whether it’s a quick and quirky method to advertise for Amazon Prime or a small part of something larger — has yet to be clarified.

Amazon could, for example, leverage the first-party information gained from the fashion photos to fine-tune apparel recommendations for consumers down the line. This is something that could become especially key as Amazon continues its push to roll out private-label apparel lines.

Amazon has been building out its private-label offerings for apparel since at least the end of 2015, with the most recent development coming earlier this year when Amazon looked to be preparing to launch its own line of workout clothes.

Millennials already look to Amazon for online apparel needs. If Outfit Compare is the start of something larger in the realm of fashion consulting, this could work to boost millennial spending even further.