Google Adds Tappable Shortcuts To iOS, Android Apps, Mobile Web

Google announced Tuesday (March 21) a redesign for its Android and iOS search app and on the mobile web to now include tappable shortcuts.

In a blog post Google said the move is aimed at providing users with easy access to tools and the ability to explore topics more deeply. The tappable shortcuts are for areas including sports, weather, food and drinks, and entertainment as well as other interests. With the shortcuts, Google is aiming to provide users with a different way to search Google rather than a voice- or text-based search.

“Getting up-to-the-minute info is as easy as a single tap. With shortcuts right on the home screen, you now have access to in-depth experiences across sports, eat & drink, entertainment and weather. Need to know whether to bring a raincoat tomorrow? Want the score to last night’s basketball game? Looking for what’s on TV tonight or who’s nominated for best supporting actress? Shortcuts on Google will get you there. Android users will find dozens of other useful shortcuts, too — translate, nearby attractions, flights, hotels, internet speed test, currency converter and more,” Google wrote in the blog post.

Google acknowledged the search box is “great” for looking for something specific, but in those instances when users want to catch up on news and information in the topics they care about, the tappable shortcuts can deliver. The shortcuts will appear at the top of the Google app and sit below the search box on the mobile website. Google said it will roll out shortcuts for big moments and events at a later date. Since the technology isn’t new but is rather being organized into tappable shortcuts, TechCrunch speculated Google is trying to cater to less tech-savvy Internet users with the tappable shortcuts.


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