Samsung Brings VR To New York Fashion Week

Over the last few years, the fusion of tech and fashion has had many attempts, including Apple’s private 2015 event unveiling its Apple Watch and drones used in the Rebecca Minkoff show.

Until now, there hasn’t been a runaway hit with integrated tech into the fashion world. Samsung is now providing the possibility for this with its upcoming invite-only event at New York’s Fashion Week. At this event, Samsung will be incorporating virtual reality (VR) into the fashion show experience to give attendees a more immersive experience.

Instead of sitting in front of a traditional runway watching models in the latest fashions pass by, Samsung event attendees will be welcomed into a large backstage area room to peruse new fashion lines. The backroom will be lined with digital video panels on the walls with digital mannequins on display, and each attendee will be walking around wearing a Samsung Gear VR headset and viewing the designs via mirror display technology.

To help explain how this type of experience will impact the fashion world, Fortune quoted Samsung’s vice president of marketing for visual display, Ron Gazzola, who said, “The mirror display is really going be at the center of changing the retail experience for both the retailer and the customer. The idea of developing digital display science for the fashion industry came about when we looked at the retail space. We knew developing a mirror display for fashion would be all about how to incorporate that experience.”



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