Software Smooths Logistics of eCommerce Grocery Delivery

From Peapod to Instacart and now AmazonFresh, it’s safe to say that the grocery-delivery sector is booming.

Many consumers are opting for grocery delivery over going to the store because of hectic schedules (or perhaps laziness), but the logistics side of this may be difficult for retailers and the delivery drivers.

One company that’s looking to help out with the way groceries are packed to the optimal delivery route is My Cloud Grocer (MCG). The company’s Delivery Module is helping move the logistics needle for grocery-delivery companies with its optimization strategy. Grocery managers have the ability to track truck locations and delivery times along the paths helping to refine and expedite the entire grocery-delivery process.

Rather than waiting at home for a long period of time, MCG's tracking capability also enhances the experience for consumers. Now, people will know exactly when their groceries will be delivered to their home and can plan their day accordingly.


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