True Gault Launches Custom High Heel Creation App

The high tech shoe cobbler is in. Shoes are arguably one of the most difficult items to buy online. Finding the right style and fit can have people exchanging shoes back and forth for a while, which can be an annoyance.

New York-based startup company True Gault is pushing the boundaries for high heel shoe shopping with its latest launch. Founded by former Kodak and IBM employee Sandra Gault, the goal of the Google Accelerator program company is to help solve the online shoe shopping conundrum.

Through its iOS app for iPhone, True Gault’s customers will be able to scan their feet and have a high heel built specifically for their foot shapes. Its patented 3-D measuring technology helps to capture all of the biomechanics of a foot — along with a few actual measurements — for these tailor-made shoe designs delivered from Spain.

In conjunction with its overall mission, True Gault shared, “Women can buy shoes online, but size doesn’t guarantee fit — so we broke the mold of the shoe industry to redefine the relationship between women and their heels.”

For $250 to $350 per pair, True Gault guarantees its high heels will fit and, if they do not, the company will strive to work the shoes into perfection. With more than 20 styles and 40 leather options, as well as multiple colors and heel heights, the customization for True Gault’s high heels seems endless.

True Gault’s new company advisor, creative director of monthly style magazine Marie Claire Nina Garcia, commented on how technology like True Gault is helping move the ball for the fashion industry.

“Today, everyone’s lifestyle is infused with tech from the way you order groceries to how we get around town,” said Garcia. “How we express ourselves through fashion should be no different. … Shoe lovers no longer need to choose comfort or style, and they don’t even need to choose from options on the market — aesthetic customization is very exciting.”