Click-And-Collect Ordering Jumps By 47 Percent This Holiday Season

Amid the rush to get gifts before the holidays, shoppers turned up at brick-and-mortar retail stores to pick up their online orders in increasing numbers: Data from Adobe showed that click-and-collect ordering skyrocketed by 47 percent during the lead-up to the holidays from last year, CNBC reported.

The rise, in the eyes of Kurt Salmon Managing Director Frank Layo, was fueled by the number of consumers becoming familiar with the offering and the types of merchants bringing the offering to more of their stores. Layo told CNBC, “Retailers have executed buy online, pick up in store very well this holiday season. This is the first time in the past three years that we have been measuring it where we saw actual performance increase for all retailers.”

Macy’s, according to the outlet, said that the number of customers picking up their online purchases in stores has increased by roughly two times from 2017. The retailer also said that in-store pickups had increased notably in the two weeks after Black Friday. At the same time, CNBC noted that Old Navy has had a “record-breaking” holiday season for online pickup orders.

The news comes as Lyft worked with Old Navy to offer free rides to and from the retailer’s stores for customers accessing its click-and-collect service, it was reported earlier in December. At the same time, Old Navy is also offering promotions such as free gift wrapping and a $5 shopping card, depending on the day that consumers shop. And Dick’s Sporting Goods is predicting that those types of orders will increase threefold nearer to Christmas.

Lyft and Old Navy said in an announcement at the time, “The convenient shopping service enables customers to purchase items on and pick them up in stores in a flash … with the added benefit of Lyft, shoppers can also avoid the burden of holiday driving and parking on two of the most popular shopping weekends before Christmas, resulting in less stressing and more holiday-ing.”