Harley-Davidson Taps Amazon For Merchandise Sales

To better reach millennials, Harley-Davidson is looking to Amazon. The motorcycle maker will offer merchandise such as riding gear and apparel through the eCommerce retailer, CNBC reported.

“We live in an on-demand, anywhere, anytime business environment where success depends on the ability to meet consumers on their turf and on their terms,” Harley-Davidson’s senior vice president of marketing and brand, Heather Malenshek, said in an announcement. “The reach Amazon offers is critical to building stronger customer relationships, inspiring new people and creating an integrated online and in-dealership retail experience — all of which leads to profitable growth and a stronger brand.”

In the past, consumers needed to visit licensed dealerships or the company’s website to buy Harley riding gear and apparel. But, as baby boomers have “scaled back” purchases of Harleys, the brand has been turning to sleek apparel and newer bikes to bring in younger consumers.

Along with Harley, J.Crew recently joined the likes of Nike and Party City in offering its products through on Amazon. The brand plans to sell only items from its economy line, J.Crew Mercantile, on Amazon. The line encompasses items such as T-shirts and jeans. In all, the products will only comprise approximately 2 percent of J.Crew’s total brand offerings.

Regarding its relationship with Amazon, J.Crew CEO James Brett was quoted in The Wall Street Journal as saying that the brand created a “good understanding” with the online retailer. He noted that some discount imitators “have developed their own lower-priced versions of J.Crew,” and that “Amazon wanted to work directly with the people who created the concept.”

J.Crew plans to have Amazon Warehouse create the listings and ship the products, but J.Crew has offered media, such as videos and photos, to help Amazon create the brand page. With J.Crew’s products presented in this way, online shoppers may be able to gain a better feel for the brand than with a more traditional Amazon listing.