Retail’s President Departs, 18-Months Into The Job

Liza Landsman started out at as the chief customer officer — but when Walmart came a-courting and eventually sealed the deal with the $3 billion acquisition, Landsman assumed the rule of president of after then-president and CEO Marc Lore became the head of eCommerce for all of Walmart.

But now, it seems, Landsman is moving on — reports indicate she is moving on to a new job at a new firm that Recode quotes sources as saying “was too good to pas up.”

What that too-good-to-pass-up role is remains to be seen.

Reports also indicate that Landsman is looking for a change of pace after three frenetic years working to build from startup to wholly owned Walmart subsidiary. Landsman had headed marketing at E-Trade previously.

The Jet acquisition was seen as a talent grab as well as a real estate expansion on Walmart’s part, as various Jet setters have gone on to take leadership positions at Walmart’s emerging fleet of digital brands including, Moosejaw, ModCloth and Bonobos. Former Jet CTO (and co-founder) Mike Hanrahan is overseeing Walmart’s “Project Kepler” to build a competitor to Amazon’s cashier-less Amazon Go store, Recode previously reported.

Who will step in for Landsman is as much a mystery as where Landsman is actually going. Jet has a unique model that rewards customers for building larger baskets, ordering multiples at once and waving off their right to a return.


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