Mercado Libre Partners With Uniko On Wedding Registries

Uniko and Mercado Libre announced they are teaming up to transform wedding gift registries, starting in Mexico, via the Mercado Libre powered by Uniko platform.

Launched in 2015, Mexico-based Uniko provides newlyweds an online tool to register for gifts, experiences and cash. Now it also enables customers to buy goods sold via Mercado Libre, Latin America’s largest eCommerce platform, using its secure-payment system Mercado Pago. The platform offers products made by more than a dozen brands.

“Uniko helped us notice that people have changed, and more and more, they want new ways to receive gifts, without relying on department stores,” Alonso Cedeño, director of Mercado Libre’s consumer & electronics division, said in a press release. “The immediacy of the Uniko online gift registry in Mercado Libre will give couples the option to fulfill three key objectives: take advantage of technology; choose from endless gift options; and, of course, democratize gifts in Mexico.”

Customers will also gain access to exclusive discounts on top brands, as well as preferred shipping and interest-free payments, among other perks.

“Thanks to our technology and knowledge of the wedding gifts industry, we are empowering Mercado Libre to democratize the gift industry in Latin America,” noted Tere Cremona, co-founder and CEO of Uniko. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with such an experienced and impactful company to improve the gift experience for newlyweds and their family and friends alike.”

“Uniko is shaping the next generation of gift-giving, and it couldn’t have been done without robust technology, which enables a great user experience, secure purchasing and high-tech supply chain management systems,” added Rokk3r Chief Growth Officer Lorenzo de Leo. “The whole team at Rokk3r and I are very happy to see how Uniko is impacting the business trajectory of a company as well established and mature as Mercado Libre, which dates back roughly 20 years.”