Target To Sell Flamingo Razors To Court Millennial Shoppers


National retailer Target is expanding the number of brands it carries in stores, inking a deal with Flamingo, the women’s body care product maker created by Harry’s, the shaving startup.

According to a report in CNBC, Target already carries the line of Harry’s shaving products and is expanding with the Flamingo brand to cater to younger shoppers who don’t want to use the brands their parents use. As of Monday (Feb. 4) Target is selling Flamingo razors and shaving gel in all of its locations in the U.S. It also marks the first time the Flamingo brand will be carried in a physical store. Target is trying to become a “cool” place for millennials to shop and Flamingo is seen as a way to meet that end. It offers cool and sleek packaging that appeals to younger buyers.

In an interview with CNBC, Flamingo General Manager Allie Melnick said the firm saw an opportunity with Target given the lack of upgrades the female body care market has seen over the years. The prominent brands stocking the shelves of retailers tend to have been around for decades. She noted that based on surveys, many of its customers are also shopping at Target, making the partnership a natural fit.

This isn’t the first deal Target has reached to sell an online brand in its stores; another is Casper, which sells mattresses largely online. Target also sells deodorant made by Native, electronic toothbrushes from Quip and dog toys made by Bark, noted the report.

Inking partnerships with native Internet brands isn’t the only thing Target is doing to court millennials. In the fall it rolled out a new brand dubbed Smartly. The discount brands include the kinds of household essentials needed for an apartment or starter home such as toilet paper and dish soap.