Tesla Plans Move To eCommerce Sales Model


In an effort to transition to an eCommerce sales platform, Tesla announced its move to an online-only sales model. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, noted that the move would lower costs and enable the Model 3 to arrive on the market, CNET reported.

Tesla, in fact, forecasts that the move could let the company lower vehicle prices by about 6 percent. And the company said in the post that the move would let it “achieve the $35,000 Model 3 price point earlier than we expected.”

According to CNET, however, it wasn’t known the number of the company ’s brick-and-mortar locations would stay open.

However, Tesla recently made changes to the company’s program for deposits. Currently, shoppers can drive a Tesla for a maximum of 1,000 miles or seven days and still have the ability to make a return. In addition, the company was seeking to make its process for deposit refunds more streamlined, per the report.

The news comes after it was reported earlier this month that Tesla was trying to get its branded merchandise to more shoppers by rolling out a store on Amazon. Tesla already sells a selection of branded items such as water bottles and jackets via its website, however, it was said that it took a step to expand its potential reach with the Amazon eCommerce store. According to reports, the store had a lot of branded items but wasn’t as robust as Tesla’s own website.

But the report indicated that the news of the Amazon store had prompted the company to remove it. And the report also indicated that some products were listed, but shoppers would find that the items were not available. And, at the time, it was unclear whether the items were in stock or why they weren’t available. However, reports speculated that shoppers might be scooping up Tesla products.