Instacart Brings Limited-Edition Clothing Line to NTWRK Livestream App

Instagram is teaming with streetwear fashion designer Anwar Carrots on a limited-edition clothing line available exclusively through the NTWRK livestream shopping app starting at 11:30 a.m. on Aug. 5, according to a company announcement.

The collection will include four pieces “designed for summertime fun,” the Thursday (July 28) announcement said: a tote bag, water bottle, long sleeve T-shirt and bucket hat, each designed by Carrots, the man behind the Peas and Carrots streetwear collection. Each piece will be limited to a quantity of 100 and Los Angeles area shoppers could get their items the same day via Instacart.

All proceeds from the Instacart by Anwar Carrots collection, up to $10,000, will be donated to Feeding America, with which Instacart has partnered for nearly four years, according to the joint release on Instacart’s blog.

“Instacart and I share a love of taking care of others,” said Carrots in the release. “For me, it’s my family. My household has run on Instacart for a long time, so it’s been a dream of mine to work with the brand and merge our love for the carrot. This special collection is an ode to all of the caretakers out there showing up and providing for their loved ones.”

During the live-streamed shopping event next week, Carrots and NTWRK host Kylie Mar will show off the collection.

“When we met with Anwar and the Carrots team, we knew immediately that teaming up would be a perfect way to pay homage to our shared carrot heritage and help usher in the next generation of the Instacart community,” said Rogelio Magana Shoemaker, Instacart brand strategy director, in the release. “Streetwear culture drives broader youth culture and there’s no designer better suited to introduce Instacart to new audiences than Anwar.”

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