Ultrafast Grocer Buyk Launches Private Label

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Grocery service Buyk has launched a line of “high-quality, affordable private label products,” something the company says is a first in the world of ultrafast grocery delivery.

Announced Tuesday (Jan. 18), this line of goods includes coffee, pastries, artisan bread, as well as snacks such as candy, chocolates and ice cream. Buyk initially introduced these products last month and has been adding more each week. By the end of the year, the company wants to have these products making up 40% of its offerings.

Buyk notes that its founders, Slava Bocharov and Rodion Shishkov, have deep roots in this sort of curation, “having successfully launched a similar initiative at their previous venture, European ultrafast grocery giant Samokat.”

The company says this expertise, coupled with CEO James Walker’s years in the restaurant industry, positions Buyk to create “a nationally loved private label product range.”

Meanwhile, the company has announced a partnership with famed butcher Pat Lafrieda, allowing Buyk customers to purchase a variety of top-of-the line beef, poultry, and other meat products beginning next month.

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The news comes weeks after Buyk launched in Chicago, hoping to expand its services inland from the East Coast to the Midwest and reach new customers.

“We think that there’s an opportunity to treat these markets and subsequent markets throughout the U.S. differently, that through our focus on a hyperlocal assortment we can really cater to the differences in the markets,” Walker told PYMNTS in an interview.

“Obviously, everybody’s going to buy Diet Coke and water, bread, milk, eggs — those things are universal. But really catering to the unique assortment driven by that hyperlocal customer is ultimately where we want to be in a market-by-market basis.”