Pinterest Adds Shopping Features to Collage-Making App Shuffles


Pinterest is adding shopping capabilities to Shuffles, its standalone, collage-making app.

With this addition, users will be able to tap each image used in a collage to see the brand and price of that item and similar items, TechCrunch reported Sunday (March 26).

“[U]nlike typical product exploration, Shuffles bring an interactivity that makes the experience fun,” Pinterest said, according to the report, adding, “Gen Z is curating fresh, relevant content, which is quickly making for a marketplace of trendy, shoppable ideas.”

Pinterest did not immediately reply to PYMNTS’ request for comment.

Shuffles, which was made generally available in November after having been invite-only, allows users to build collages using photos from Pinterest or from their own iPhone. The app works only on iOS and is currently available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

“[T]he high-density nature of Shuffles, which can include layers of product cutouts from multiple Pins, allows consumers to dig deeper and also connect to other Shuffles that include the same Pins,” Pinterest said, per the report.

As consumer behavior changes, Pinterest is experimenting with integrating Shuffles content into Pinterest, starting with shopping, the report said.

Content created with Shuffles quickly went viral on TikTok in August, driven in part by the app’s enabling users to quickly cut-and-paste objects from photos as well as add effects.

“The app takes collaging one step further with simple embedded tools that would require multiple steps or coordination across multiple apps,” Head of Insights Lexi Sydow said at the time.

During Pinterest’s most recent earnings call, CEO Bill Ready said the company was “laser focused” on four strategies priorities: growing monetization and user engagement; integrating shopping into the core product experience; improving operational rigor and margin expansion; and strengthening Pinterest’s reputation as a positive and brand-safe platform.

“We believe high-quality and inspiring content will further deepen engagement, especially for Gen Zs,” Ready said during the Feb. 6 call.

Pinterest reported at the time that its fourth quarter revenue and its global monthly active user tallies both rose 4% from the previous year, to $877 million and 450 million, respectively.

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