Uber Co-Founder Says Former CEO Travis Kalanick Is Not Coming Back

Uber Co-Founder and Board Member Garrett Camp told employees that the company’s former CEO Travis Kalanick will not be returning to fill his former role.

According to Recode, Garrett Camp revealed the news in an email to staff on Monday, addressing recent reports that Travis Kalanick was attempting to come back as CEO of the company — despite the fact that the board of directors is currently seeking out a new person to fill his role.

Kalanick was ousted after major investors demanded that he step down. Some of the problems the ridesharing company faced under his tenure included a lawsuit with Google over stolen self-driving car technology, a federal probe into whether or not the firm has evaded regulators, tens of millions of dollars it withheld from New York and Philadelphia and, of course, its reportedly sexist culture.

In addition, Kalanick was videotaped heatedly arguing with an Uber driver over fares.

The board member wrote that he received several questions about the CEO search when he attended a product leadership all-hands last week, and there have been reports that Kalanick has been telling people he’s “Steve Jobs-ing it” and will return to the company.

“Our CEO search is the board [of directors]’ top priority,” Camp said in the email. “It’s time for a new chapter and the right leader for our next phase of growth. Despite rumors I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, Travis is not returning as CEO. We are committed to hiring a new world class CEO to lead Uber. Uber must evolve and mature as we improve our culture and practices, to achieve our mission of bringing mobility to everyone. We are dedicated to making Uber successful and keeping everyone informed of our progress.”

Uber declined to comment.