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How Bandura Assists Business Cybersecurity

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There are 100 million threat vectors floating around the digital sphere as of today, and the best firewalls in the world can only absorb about 200,000 threats at a time, according to CEO Chris Fedde of Bandura Systemswhich means threats are getting through.

Bandura’s Threat Intelligence Gateway, which sits in front of a business’ firewall according to Fedde, is designed to capture known threats — and thanks to the remarkable advances in risk detection and threat intelligence, many of the threats out there are known. By using the custom tool to filter them out, Bandura, a lot fewer threats ever make it to the firewall — and are thus bounced before any more energy has to be expended upon them.

That can significantly lighten a big part of the security load for businesses. However, he noted, it does not entirely lift the weight.

Because Bandura is only built to detect the known, there are still 5 percent of security threats that are unknown, advanced threats. But while Bandura isn’t designed to stop those potentially risky attacks from getting through, it does make it easier for those risks to be detected downstream. If Bandura does its job right, he noted, other security can do its job better because it’s dealing with a better noise-to-signal ratio.

“We can start clearing the field so that businesses aren’t getting [clobbered] by millions of known threats,” Fedde said. “That makes it easier for advanced threats and unknown threats to get through.”

Clutter is a problem for security systems and professionals, and the more it can be cleared away, the easier it is to spot the real threats, the advanced new ideas out of cybercrime, without wasting a lot of energy. Security professionals are often looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to threats; filtering them before they ever even hit the firewall, he noted, is an excellent way to make the haystack smaller.

Today, Fedde noted, there are 10 million threats out there. Ten years ago, there were 3 million. That is not inspiring news. But, while cybercrime is growing, Fedde said the tools used to fight it are getting better. Ten years ago, one couldn’t get the real-time data necessary to really take on, filter out and hold back intrusions. Today, the right tech with the right business models can provide that level of service to enterprises large and small.


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