DataVisor Launches Real-Time Fraud Detection Solution

Datavisor fraud detection solution

Fraud detection company DataVisor, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help find fraud activity and correct it, has released a new anti-fraud solution called dEdge, which can detect attacks and malicious operations in real time, according to a press release

With the proliferation of mobile phones and always connected devices, identifying fraud is becoming more difficult, the company said, and it can span “multiple vectors.”

By the time an attack is identified, it can be too late to act. DataVisor said dEdge is a different approach, and aims to change things by focusing on an earlier time in an attack timeline, when a company can still do something to protect itself.

“Most consumer-facing organizations today provide their customers opportunities to interact with the business through an online channel. Even traditional industries like banking enable customers to bank through mobile applications. To validate the authenticity of this interaction, data needs to be collected and analyzed at the source,” said DataVisor Co-Founder and CTO Fang Yu. “When data is analyzed for fraud after it reaches the service, it could already be manipulated. To validate the legitimacy of the customer or the app, we need to precisely collect the data at the device or browser level. Between the data source and application, there are many layers where a fraudster can manipulate the data through proxies, traffic simulators, etc. In some cases, the fraudsters can also repackage the app to conduct fraud. Collecting data at the source can indicate if the environment that the app is running in is legitimate vs. being emulated. This is why DataVisor’s dEdge solution offers the SDK to detect malicious actors at source before they cause damage.”

DataVisor said dEdge is meant to protect devices that are connected in a work environment, and it offers complete insight into an attack by generating unique device IDs as well as fraud scores.

When it’s used along with DataVisor’s fraud prevention solutions, the company said, it gives customers a proactive detection of attacks without the need for historical data.

“DataVisor’s unsupervised machine learning (UML) powered fraud prevention process is entirely data-driven, and no matter how fast fraudsters try to adapt and change their techniques, the process moves right along with them. dEdge continues to add fuel to the fire that is our solution suite. Real-time detection is absolutely critical in this era of modern fraud and will most certainly benefit our customers to the greatest degree,” Yu said.