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DataVisor Launches Partner Program To Help Fraud-Proof Larger Businesses

Cybersecurity Company DataVisor Targets Larger Businesses With ExtenD

Cybersecurity and fraud protection company DataVisor, which uses artificial intelligence to help with fraud solutions, has launched a program called ExtenD, with the intention of helping medium to larger businesses with their cybersecurity and fraud needs, the company said in a press release.

The DataVisor team is made up of experts in the fields of big data infrastructure and machine learning (ML), and ExtenD is going to leverage those strengths in its new venture. DataVisor makes advanced solutions to fraud that are active and detect online attacks rapidly. They’re meant to work on any platform.

ExtenD is structured across technology (companies like Google and Microsoft); advisory (companies like EY and PwC); systems integration; co-sell (Experian and SAP); and reseller focus.

“Cyber security is not something that is limited to any specific environment,” said David Cassady, vice president of Business Development, Partnerships and Sales at DataVisor. “As such, we are adopting a channel neutral model to ensure our fraud detection solutions reach as many potential customers as possible. We want to give our partners the most effective way to engage with existing and new clients using a secure and future-proof technology that is easy to integrate irrespective of the platforms they use.”

With ExtenD, partners can take control of their own sales methods and offer service by using the DataVisor product and subject experts.

“Through this initiative, DataVisor is delivering its unsupervised machine learning (UML) engine and machine learning and feature engineering technology to new use cases and markets,” Cassady said. “It gives partners a powerful offering to strengthen anti-fraud solutions. And by working closely with the DataVisor team of specialists, partners gain access to not only the most advanced technology and products, but also world-class domain expertise without having to invest in training or appointing additional resources themselves.”

DataVisor uses proprietary UML algorithms.



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