Twitter Launches Branded Likes 

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Twitter is launching Branded Likes to all managed advertisers reaching consumers in the U.S., U.K., Saudi Arabia and Japan, according to a Friday (July 1) blog post.

“Expanding Twitter as a creative canvas for brands means improving the reach and efficiency of some of our core brand solutions — like Takeover Ads — and introducing new formats that drive business results and help brands tell richer stories,” according to the post.

Branded Likes enable advertisers to transform Twitter’s Like button into a custom animation and are available as an add-on to the platform’s Timeline Takeover offering, which is an ad placement that ensures a brand’s ad is the first ad to appear when someone opens Twitter for the first time that day.

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When Branded Likes are paired with Twitter’s Timeline Takeover offering, advertisers can maximize brand exposure and drive additional engagement and buzz around the moments most important to them, per the post.

Advertisers select a hashtag and up to 10 translations for their Branded Like and then Twitter works with creative partners to create custom artwork for the campaign.

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“Any time a consumer taps the Like button on an organic or promoted Tweet that contains the pre-selected hashtag, the custom Branded Like animation will appear,” according to the post. “Branded Likes will appear for up to 24 hours in the same geography as the brand’s Timeline Takeover.”

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Branded Likes have been trialed by Disney, Paramount Pictures, Tesco and others to drive conversations and increase engagement surrounding their bigger brand moments. During the testing phase, Branded Likes paired with Timeline Takeover generated a 277% increase in recall and a 202% increase in purchase and consideration intent.