Blue Apron, Aspiration Team on Credit Card With Green Rewards

Blue Apron

Blue Apron will be debuting a co-branded card with Aspiration, offering rewards for users helping to fight climate change, a Wednesday (Dec. 15) press release says. 

Called the Blue Apron Aspiration Zero Card, it will reward card members on qualifying purchases made at and on the mobile app. 

There will also be more benefits available for Aspiration Zero Card members right now. 

Aspiration’s products are intended to incorporate the fight against climate change into peoples’ daily lives, making it “easy, automated and engaging.” 

The use of the Blue Apron Aspiration Zero Card will let customers offset their carbon footprint, as Aspiration will plant a tree for every qualifying purchase. Users can also plant additional trees through rounding up purchases to the nearest dollar. 

“As we kick off our tenth anniversary in 2022, we want to recognize our best and most loyal customers — some who have been with us since we shipped our first box,” said Dani Simpson, Blue Apron’s chief marketing officer. “Customers who use the Blue Apron Aspiration Zero Card on qualified purchases will receive cash back benefits along with an opportunity to help make a difference in the world around them.” 

Meanwhile, Aspiration CEO Andrei Cherny said the goal was “not only rewarding their customers financially, but also helping those customers have a positive and effortless impact on the environment.” 

Blue Apron has also recently begun offering a feature for users to partner with Alexa on easier ways to find recipes and experiment with cooking. Users will be able to ask Alexa to find recipes for their Blue Apron subscriptions. 

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By pairing Blue Apron with Alexa, Simpson said the company wanted to address “our customers’ diverse cooking interests and desire for unique flavors.” 

Blue Apron has struggled this year to stay relevant as customers ventured outside more after the COVID-19 lockdown period started to end and vaccines became more available. 

The company had a customer base of 375,000 in August, a loss of 21,000 from the previous year.