LuLu Financial, Samsara Remit Choose Aerotruth B2B Onboarding Platform

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Aerotruth, a startup specializing in the B2B onboarding process, has added Abu Dhabi’s LuLu Financial Holdings and Nepali money transfer service Samsara Remit as platforms using its service, a press release said.

Aerotruth’s platform is designed to ease business-to-business (B2B) onboarding for FinTechs and banks or other financial institutions.

Joseph Cleetus, LuLu Financial Holdings’ head of business transformation, said the company’s FinTech arm Digit9 wanted to digitize its partner onboarding process. He said Aerotruth helped with that.

Meanwhile, Suraj Chhetri, Samsara Remit’s head of business development, said the idea was to move out of manual onboarding, adding a digital-first solution and smoother user experiences.

Aerotruth’s platform manages document exchanges as companies onboard new and existing partners.

Aerotruth’s clients can also network with each other, giving a prequalified avenue for partnership and network growth, the report said.

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PYMNTS wrote that there’s been some movement toward AI as a way to bridge various segments of the connected economy. That includes as an instrument to fight fraud, with behavioral analytics adding new ways for applicants to enter details during onboarding.

AI also powers payments. A study between PYMNTS and Routable, called “High-Volume Accounts Payable: Achieving Long-Term Growth Through Automation,” businesses said AP automation was a way to help with growth.

The study said the automation was most robust when AI was used to look at data, find discrepancies and remedy errors in the background without much disruptions.

AI could also be used in the consumer space to bolster loyalty, the report said, adding ways to link things together.