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Liberis Adds Alloy’s Identity Risk Solutions to Embedded Finance Platform

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Liberis, a global embedded finance platform, has joined forces with Alloy, an identity risk management company, to accelerate its international expansion and enhance the merchant experience.

This strategic partnership aims to simplify the funding application process by integrating automated compliance verifications, the companies said in a Tuesday (Feb. 6) press release.

“Alloy’s platform will allow us to enter new markets quickly, optimize our merchants’ fully digitalized application for funding and scale to meet our partners’ demand, while also maintaining our high standards for compliance,” Alexis Alexander, chief legal and compliance officer at Liberis, said in the release.

By leveraging Alloy’s platform, Liberis will provide a seamless onboarding experience for merchants, according to the release.

The Alloy platform offers Liberis access to a global network of over 190 data sources, facilitating know your customer (KYC), know your business (KYB) and anti-money laundering (AML) processes, the release said. This will enable Liberis to swiftly onboard merchants in new markets, reducing the time and effort required for compliance checks.

The partnership between Liberis and Alloy will also streamline the funding application process for merchants, minimizing paperwork, per the release. For most merchants, compliance verifications will happen behind the scenes. In cases where additional documentation is required, Liberis will offer a bespoke, white-label experience tailored to the needs and standards of both merchants and their partners.

Furthermore, partnering with Alloy allows Liberis to reduce the engineering resources required for international expansion and compliance, the release said. This enables Liberis to focus on its core mission of providing merchants with the necessary funding to grow and thrive through their partners.

“Alloy is designed to help businesses take control of fraud, credit and compliance risk, while growing with the clearest picture of their customers,” Tommy Nicholas, CEO at Alloy, said in the release.

Regulators are starting to embrace a more proactive posture to ensure successful anti-fraud measures, Kiran Hebbar, chief financial officer at Alloy, told PYMNTS in an interview posted in June.

“What’s needed in this modern world is a holistic approach to solving fraud,” Hebbar said, adding that technology will be central to this new strategy.