Stash App Loses 23 Points in Personal Finance Provider Ranking


Sometimes people are thrifty; sometimes they splurge. We can see that when we compare this month’s edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Personal Finance apps to last month’s.

Last time, things were very stable as the Top 10 competitors were ranked in the same order they were in the previous month.

In this month’s list, things are quite different. The same 10 players are here, but seven of them are in a new position in the ranking. What’s more, thanks to a tie score, an eleventh contender has joined the Top 10.

Among the highlights in the latest ranking are a new runner-up, two contenders that have gained four positions since last time, and one app that has plunged from second place to ninth.

Now, let’s have a look at the additions and subtractions.

The Top Five

At the top of the ledger, as it was last month, is Chime. And, like last month, this app has achieved a score of 99.

There’s a new runner-up, though, and it’s just two points behind. Robinhood has moved up one position since last time with a score of 97.

Also gaining a spot in this month’s ranking is Albert Save And Spend Smarter. This app is now running third with a score of 92.

There’s another gainer at No. 4, as Mint has stepped up from fifth place with a score of 86.

There’s a big change in the next spot as Fidelity Investments has leapt four levels in the ranking and now rests at No. 5. This app has earned a score of 84.

The Top 10

Following right behind that is another big gainer. Emma Budget Manager has also gained four positions since last time and has taken sixth place with a score of 78.

Holding the same position it had last time is myWisely Financial Wellness. This app is again ranked seventh, now with a score of 76.

Just one point behind that is Acorns. This app has dropped two levels in the ranking with a score of 75.

Next up in this closely bunched group of competitors is Stash. With a score of 73, which is 23 points lower than last month, this app has fallen from second place to ninth.

Right behind that, at No. 10, there’s a tie between two competitors with a score of 72. Current was here last month, while Empower has climbed into the Top 10. Together, they close out this month’s edition of the Provider Ranking of Personal Finance apps. Don’t spend it all in one place!