ManageCasa, Stripe Link For Property Management Payments Platform

ManageCasa And Stripe Link-Up For Real Estate Related Payments Platform

ManageCasa, a property management platform for landlords and property managers, and Stripe, a popular platform for online payment processing, have teamed up for a new digital payments solution for the property management space, according to a release

The platform is meant for landlords and property managers so they can automate rent, income charges and expenses, with the purpose of providing an end-to-end automated experience. The company is going to demo the product at Apartmentalize 2019 in Denver, the industry’s largest yearly event. 

The platform is geared toward the American market but ManageCasa is in the process of preparing it for international release. The launch also includes updates to ManageCasa’s property timeline with automated payments being posted to the ledger to help managers keep track of the whole business. 

There have also been improvements to ManageCasa’s account configuration options, as they now have allowances for more specific user roles as well as permissions. Job access per title can also serve to limit features for tasks that aren’t necessary for specific positions.

“Sending and receiving payments has always been a challenge in our industry, often requiring lots of time and effort on the part of both property managers and tenants to meet in person to get rent and bills paid,” said ManageCasa CEO Peter Koch. “We’re thrilled to provide an online solution that will allow payments to change hands securely in just a few clicks.”

The company was launched in 2016 and serves more than 2,000 property managers around the world, according to its website.

“Through our refreshingly easy, integrated platform, we automate and simplify your tenant and lease management, accounting, maintenance and communication, all while providing professional support,” the company said. “You and any associated members to your properties like Rental Owners, Service Pros and Tenants will get the peace of mind you need to keep all properties managed properly.”