Workforce Solutions Give Charter Schools A Spending Lesson

While some workers are stuck behind a desk or tucked away in a cubicle, others have to do their jobs from the field. However, when trips of field-based workers wrap up, they might regret not keeping better track of the mileage. If they fail to keep tabs on their mileage, these workers could struggle to get compensated for the miles they drove for work or for related expenses like parking, tolls and gas.

These workers, and their employers, could learn a few lessons by using flexible workforce spend management solutions. The new Workforce Spend Management Tracker™ looks at how new workforce management solutions are offering greater financial efficiency and transparency to workers, from field-based sales teams to public charter school professionals.

The Latest Workforce Spend Management News

Several companies have introduced new solutions designed to improve how workers report their work-related travel expenses.

Among companies to release new solutions is Everlance, which recently integrated with accounting platforms Xero and FreshBooks. Everlance said the integration aims to remove friction for employees when reporting mileage, while making it easier for small businesses (SMBs) and workers to focus on their work instead.

Another mileage-tracking solution was recently built on Microsoft’s Garage program. The new app, Spend, automatically tracks work-related travel and can be linked to a credit card, debit card or bank account. The solution can also automatically track work-related expenses for reimbursement or tax purposes.

A major rideshare brand is also getting a taste of workforce spend solutions. Uber Eats recently launched Uber Eats for Business, which is available through Uber for Business. The new service allows for employees to order food and charge the transactions to their employers. This enables businesses to streamline the expense process when workers pay for their own food.

Deep Dive: Nonprofits Seek Efficient Spending Solutions

With the holiday season underway, nonprofit and religious organizations are looking for more efficient ways to spend money as they pursue charitable endeavors. Since these groups often rely on donations, they are subject to scrutiny. This month’s Deep Dive looks at how nonprofit groups can use workforce spend tools to track spending and assure donors that funds are being spent responsibly.

For Charter Schools, A Crash Course In Workforce Spend

Nonprofits aren’t the only organizations that must remain transparent. Public charter schools — which operate independently, but are still regulated by local authorities and officials  receive public funding and must demonstrate transparency with how it’s spent.

However, as BuyQ CEO Marco Rafanelli recently discussed with PYMNTS, independence can also mean independence in operations, which sometimes leaves charter schools with less purchasing power than traditional public schools. In the December feature story, Rafanelli explained how workforce spend tools can provide charter schools with the tutorial needed to remain efficient and financially transparent.

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