Navigating The COVID-19 Pandemic

In the Navigating The COVID-19 Pandemic: How The Paycheck To Paycheck Economy brief, the third in our series, PYMNTS explores how the COVID-19 health crisis impacts consumers’ financial health. Our analysis is based on a March 27 survey of 2,118 U.S. consumers which focused on their employment statuses, their financial fears and the amount they have stored in savings that could be accessed in case of emergency.

Inside the March 27 study:
  • 51.7 percent: Share of consumers who are unemployed or earning incomes
  • 28.5 percent: Portion of consumers who are “very” or “extremely” worried about losing their jobs
  • 55.0 percent: Share of consumers who would be able to live for two months or less on the amount of money they have stored up in savings