Today in Data: Bitcoin’s Weekend Surge

It’s been quite the year for cryptocurrencies, and the one that seems to be at the top of the group saw a jump in stock price this weekend. Bitcoin started off 2017 at a seemingly reasonable price point for its shares but then steadily saw an increase over the next few months. Then it plateaued.

As confidence in cryptocurrencies seemingly waned over the summer months, recent events have helped reassure those looking to invest. TechCrunch is pointing to a combination of the hard fork development of Bitcoin Cash and the increase in initial coin offerings (ICOs) as the reasons for  Bitcoin’s surge over the weekend.

Here are the numbers:

$180 million | Amount raised by blockchain-based storage network and cryptocurrency Filecoin in its ICO

$4,135 | Amount bitcoin price surged to this weekend

$3,700 | Amount bitcoin began trading at going into the weekend

$3,000 | All time high of bitcoin just over a week ago

$1,000 | Amount bitcoin traded at the beginning of 2017