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Today in Data: Cyber Risks and Secrets

Kaspersky Lab Expert Arrested

While data security these days is at a much higher scrutiny than possibly any time in the past, thanks to connected devices, some companies are unlocking their secrets.

It's being reported that Russian authorities are asking western tech companies for source code in order to review it before products can be sold in the country. All reviews are being conducted by Russia's Federal Security Service, which the U.S. says is responsible for the cyberattacks on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve in the United States conducted its annual stress test and has revealed credit cards came in as the top area for bank losses.

Here are the numbers:

500 million | Amount of hacks into Yahoo email accounts the U.S. claims by the Russia Federal Security Service

$100 billion | Amount the Federal Reserve says U.S. banks are losing from credit card fraud

$92 billion | Bank credit card loss predicted for 2016

$1 trillion | Total U.S. credit card balances which is the highest since the Great Recession

$21.7 billion | Amount predicted for Capital One Financial Corporation to lose from credit card fraud - the highest among the listed banks


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