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Today In Data: eCommerce Arena Update

There’s no escaping that eCommerce has moved into retail’s space and has no intention of leaving anytime soon. As such, an update on the overall eCommerce performance is likely necessary for retailers to adjust and move forward.

Cloud platform company Yottaa, Inc. partnered with Retail Systems Research (RSR) to examine 80 major retailers’ eCommerce websites’ performance and overall shopper experience. Titled eCommerce Performance: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What’s Next?, this research dives into key areas retailers might want to consider for future success.

Here are the numbers:

9.5 seconds | Average time for a mobile page to load

16.6 seconds | Average time for a desktop page to load

7 percent | Loss in conversion due to web latency — typical page load is said to be “optimal” at three seconds

50 – 75 percent | Amount of time allotted to third party partners’ slowing down page load times

20 percent | Amount of sites loading at slower-than-average rates due to overuse of third party partners

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