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Out With The Old, In With The New

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Five years is not a long time, but an awful lot can change in that time frame. Consumers these days expect to dip their card instead of swiping it, and an increasing number are eschewing cards entirely in favor of alternative forms of finance. Jobs have gone from being in short supply to growing so abundant employers were worried they wouldn’t have enough seasonal workers. But as much as things have changed in the last five years, they’re on track to shift even more in the next five.

700,000: The number of temporary workers analysts estimate were hired this holiday season.

25 percent: The share of digitally-placed restaurant orders expected over the next four years.

400: The number of U.K. Papa John’s stores that will support a new mobile ordering app.

6: The number of years since Affirm’s founding.

3: The number of years since the EMV liability shift.