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Today In Data: The ‘Two Steps Forward, One Step Back’ Dance In Payments And Commerce

Today in Data: The Payments and Commerce Dance

While progress is always ongoing in payments and commerce, its path isn’t always straightforward or even. In China, mobile payments adoption has been racing forward, and stateside its progress is notably slower. Brexit negotiations go forward, backward and sideways, such that the eventual endpoint remains hard to forecast. And yet, as technology improves and data is more easily collected and interpreted, progress marches on in payments and commerce as new channels for funds to flow worldwide keep on opening.


$70 billion: Estimated value of car maintenance that ought to be done annually but isn’t.

$30 billion: The approximate value of financial services exported from the U.K. to the E.U.

$24 billion: Canada’s share of the $600 billion annual global remittance market.

20.2 percent: Share of U.S. population expected to use mobile payments platforms in 2018.

525.5 million: Number of mobile payments users in China as of 2018.