Today In Data

Today In Data: Creating The Next Generation Of Digital Connections

While it is easy to feel like the whole world’s gone digital, the reality is that there are larger than expected places that are still looking for the right on-ramp into the era of digital finance and commerce. For some industries, cannabis notably, it’s because those on-ramps are legally complicated, while for others, lingering security concerns keep them from looking for one. But the digital train rolls forward, as Index Venture’s Mark Goldberg noted recently – and as more industries get off “pen and paper” management, a new world of innovation can unlock.


$250 million: How much FinTech infrastructure platform Plaid raised in its last funding round.

60 million: The number of users whose data may have been exposed due to a flaw in the USPS website.

7,500: Approximate number of dating sites worldwide.

33 percent: Share of consumers expected to use smart payments while holiday shopping.

20 percent: The amount that the number of banks offering services to legal cannabis businesses has grown in 2018.