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Today In Data: Digitization As A Path To Inclusion

Retail Digitization As a Path to Inclusion

When the “next big thing” seems to be rolling out every 30 seconds or so, it can be easy to miss the big-picture improvement that the age of digitization has made possible for people and businesses all over the world. That can include things as big as getting over a billion unbanked people involved in the global financial system as well as making it possible for businesses large and small to move funds digitally. It also includes things as small as enabling home handymen to fix leaking faucets.


1.7 billion: The number of unbanked adults on Earth.

225 million: The number of unbanked consumers in China.

200,000: The approximate number of subscribers that Repair Clinic has on YouTube.

43 percent: Share of businesses that see improved data security as a benefit of ePayables.

21 percent: Share of businesses that plan to adopt ePayables in the next three years.