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Today In Data: The Hidden Costs Of Digitization

Today in Data: The Hidden Costs of Digitization

That the world is going online rapidly no longer qualifies as headline news: New internet users grew by 248 million last year, and the rising tide of potential customers lifted eTail boats in the U.S. and around the world. But with every success comes costs – whether in terms of consumer privacy and/or security, or just the costs of doing business digitally in an era when just sitting it out is not really an option. The good news? For all the costs that come, there are also savings, as more firms are bridging the digital divide and finding greater efficiencies on the other side.


$14.28 billion: Project value of the identity access management market in the U.S. through 2023.

$6.7 billion: Estimated value of improper Medicare payments due to improperly coded claims.

28 percent: The share by which eCommerce is growing in Asia annually.

20 percent - 30 percent: Share of their earnings that vendors can expect to pay to marketplaces.

14 percent: The share by which global eCommerce is growing annually.