Today In Data

Today In Data: Finding And Minding The Digital Gaps

The world is changing – in some ways highly reported, in others less so. Millennials are credited as the digital generation, leaving their parents and grandparents behind, even though a majority of consumers over the age of 60 are banking online and regularly interacting with chatbots. Up-and-coming Generation Z grew up in the information age, but a large number are nonetheless financially illiterate. Millions of students travel the world to study, though paying for that education is stunningly complex in some quarters. And the stock market has spent a week proving that what goes up must come down, and as the era of cheap money is ending, a lot of businesses are finding gaps in their business models.


500,000: The approximate number of students of Indian origin who traveled abroad to study in 2017.

52 percent: Share of Americans over the age of 62 that do their banking online.

43 percent: Share of consumers who prefer to use chatbots to address banking issues.

20 percent: Share of American teenagers who lack financial literacy skills.

2.25 percent: The current federal funds rate, up 25 basis points as of the Fed’s last increase.