The Self-Services World For The Self-Sufficient Consumer

While the best customer experience can mean the full white-glove, high-touch interaction, sometimes customers want to make like Fleetwood Mac and go their own way. That is true in restaurants where the way to a consumer’s heart (and wallet) is often through a self-service kiosk. It can also be true when the consumer is sitting home and needs little else than, perhaps, the occasional hand from an AI to guide their at-home digital journey. Then again, sometimes a bit of personal interaction is also how one saves the customer relationship, particularly when something as small as an expired credit card might be pushing them out the door.


30 percent: The amount customer orders increase when made on a self-service kiosk.

$218 million: The amount of revenue generated by self-service kiosks in 2016.

7 percent: The share of customers that subscription firms lose monthly to involuntary churn.

13 years: The amount of time Houndify spent perfecting its voice-enabled AI offering.

70 percent: The amount that subscription businesses can lower involuntary churn by using remediation techniques.