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Bringing Biometric Payments To Retail

Bringing Biometric Payments To Retail

Amazon is reportedly testing a biometric payment system with a handful of customized vending machines for employee use. In disbursements news, a sizable portion of U.S. workers is engaged at some level with the gig economy, and most of them hope that instant and faster payments continue to grow in scope. And, in retail, wellness innovators are personalizing vitamin subscriptions for better self-care, while disruptors are aiming to replace heavy parking structures with automated towers. All this, Today in Data.


2004: The year Piggly Wiggly began piloting a fingerprint scan-based payments system.

65 percent: Portion of insurance claims still paid by check.

$18 billion: Amount U.S. institutions lost to check fraud in 2018.

$4.2 trillion: Value of the wellness industry, per one recent count.

$1.3 billion: Projected value of the automated parking system market by the end of this year.