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Bringing Food Oases To Food Deserts With Innovative Pricing


Fighting food deserts and flipping them into food oases is no easy task, but innovators are using dynamic pricing to tackle food instability. Everytable, in one case, has made two key business model decisions to provide consumers with alternatives to heavily processed foods. The firm uses the hub-and-spoke model for preparation, and its pricing is set to the neighborhoods where its stores are located instead of the goods that it sells. All this, Today in Data.

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$200,000: Approximate amount Everytable storefronts cost to build.
2019: Year that Everytable expanded into placing smart refrigerators in offices, schools and business in the greater Los Angeles region.
2016: Year that former hedge fund manager Sam Polk started Everytable.
7: Number of storefronts Everytable has in existence today.
4: Number of new storefronts Everytable is in the process of building.