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Securing Digital Identities In The Information Age

Securing Digital Identity In The Information Age

Phone numbers, email addresses, usernames and other online signifiers have become essential to verification as the world becomes more connected. In B2B news, Visa is launching an end-to-end payments network called Visa B2B Connect, which is built on elements of distributed ledger technology and the open-source Hyperledger Fabric framework. And, in retail, firms from automakers to merchants are tapping into connected commerce technology. All this, Today In Data.


64 million: Number of cars equipped with some form of connected technology that will be shipped worldwide in 2019.

$59 billion: Estimated value of the global biometrics market by 2025.

48 percent: Share of millennial parents who would rather not eat at all than wait in long QSR lines.

30: Minimum number of countries where Visa is launching Visa B2B Connect to start.

$13 billion: Projected value of the identity verification market by 2025.