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Innovating With Payments To Compete In Saturated Markets

Innovating With Payments To Stay Competitive

Gig, eCommerce and public utility firms are putting the spotlight on payment innovations to remain competitive in markets that are becoming increasingly saturated. In contactless payments news, only a small fraction of payments in the United States avoid the swipe or chip card reader. And financial operating system company OpenFin recently raised funds in a Series C round. In retail, subscription box service Trendy Butler is looking to serve men who want to dress better, and a staggering number of consumers will soon be participating in the digital platform ecosystem. All this, Today In Data.


200: Number of questions in the opening survey for customers of Trendy Butler.

86.5 million: Number of consumers who will be participating in the digital platform ecosystem by 2021.

35 percent: Minimum share of worldwide professionals who now participate in the gig economy.

$17 million: Amount OpenFin raised in a Series C round led by Wells Fargo.

3 percent: Approximate share of payments in the U.S. that avoid the swipe or chip card reader.