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Amid eCommerce Expansion, Gauging Merchants' SCA Readiness

Amid eCommerce Expansion, Gauging SCA Readiness

The deadline for strong customer authentication (SCA) came last month, and the new standards are among the final mandates of the revised Payment Services Directive (aka PSD2). But as the latest edition of the PSD2 Tracker noted, European merchants and payment providers are still scrambling to figure out what SCA means for them, and how to comply.


72%: Share of U.K. companies that view open banking and PSD2 as growth opportunities.

6%: Portion of firms that see PSD2 as among their greatest challenges throughout 2019.

38%: Share of affected U.S. companies that are not sure when they will be fully compliant with GDPR.

16%: Portion of SMBs that have taken measures to ensure they are GDPR-compliant.

30 euros: Threshold above which all online payments must be authenticated with two-factor authentication.