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Paying The Non-Compliance Price As SCA Dawns

Paying The Non-Compliance Price As SCA Dawns

As detailed in the latest PSD2 Tracker, tomorrow (Sept. 14) is the deadline to comply with SCA, shorthand for strong customer authentication. Many firms are likely to fall afoul of compliance, especially if they want to field international transactions. The potential impact may be significant.


30 percent: Share of authorization requests that might be declined under SCA.

$57 billion: Amount that could be lost after SCA launches (under current levels of preparedness).

62 percent: Portion of London firms reporting a rise in GDPR requests since 2018.

66 percent: Share of EU businesses that have bought tools to monitor enterprise communications and manage GDPR requirements.

73 percent: Portion of EU businesses that state GDPR has encouraged them to change how they use customer data.