The High Cost Of Falling Behind 

The High Cost Of Falling Behind

It’s not easy to stay caught up with the payments and commerce landscape when it seems to make big changes by the hour, but the price of failing to do so can be quite high – as illustrated by the drama at eBay this week. But beyond the big examples, there is plenty of evidence that the race goes to the swift, particularly when it comes to embracing data tech to make transactions both more secure and more seamless for consumers and businesses. But wanting to be fast and actually pulling it off well are two different things – and one is much easier than the other.


1,800: Number of Chipotle locations testing AI voice ordering.

21: Number of basis points by which Yapstone has seen fraud decline due to data analysis.

18 months: Window of time in which AI-based fraud-fighting solutions pushed into the mainstream.

$9: Average cost for a business to process an invoice.

4: Number of years Devin Wenig led eBay.