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Consumers Move To ‘Digital-Most’ World During Coronavirus Lockdowns

Consumers Go Mostly Digital During Coronavirus

U.S. consumers have transitioned from a digital-often world to a largely digital-most world in under a month across their “business and life as usual” activities amid the coronavirus. Consumers now shop, bank, work, worship and exercise, among other activities, online. And the longer America remains on lockdown, the more likely it becomes that consumers will make digital platforms part of their daily routines going forward. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

87%: Share of consumers who report shopping less for groceries.

66%: Portion of Americans who report being very or extremely concerned about contracting the virus.

52%: Share of consumers who reported having a job on March 28.

45M: Number of consumers who reported being extremely concerned about losing their jobs.

30%: Portion of consumers earning less than $50K per year who reported having no savings at all.