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Digital Shifts In eCommerce And Online Banking

Digital Shifts In eCommerce And Online Banking

eBay’s CEO outlined his vision for growth in its Q2 earnings call, as the company benefited from the pandemic-driven digital shiftShopify also reported earnings that reflected the expanding digital shift for consumers, with the company noting a rise in the number of stores on its platform and consumer spending at those merchants. And in banking, credit unions are taking another look at their use of innovative tools and digital channels, as shifts in these strategies are vital for them to compete with challenger banks. All this, Today in Data.


50K: Minimum number of users who attended the Shopify Reunite virtual event.

182M: Number of global buyers on eBay’s platform.

41.4%: Portion of credit union execs who believe challenger banks will be a significant competitive threat in the near future.

30%: Share of Gen Z consumers opting for online-only bank accounts.

$2.9B: Revenue eBay reported for the second quarter.