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DTC Sports Uniform Companies Pivot For The Pandemic   

DTC Sports Uniform Companies Pivot For Pandemic

School sports uniforms have been brought into the digital age by direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies such as SquadLocker. The company took an innovative business model and strong sales momentum into the start of the year. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, it is waiting for school to restart after what could have been a disastrous turn of events for the sports uniform company. All this, Today in Data.


250K: Number of teams using SquadLocker’s software.

60%: Share of local sports leaders who said their organizations will lose at least 50 percent of revenue over the next year due to COVID-19.

50: Number of states in which PLAY Sports supports young athletes, coaches and volunteers.

47%: Year-over-year growth SquadLocker saw in 2019.

3: Number of years SquadLocker has partnered with league management software SportsEngine.