Economic Recovery, Consumer Spending Amid The Coronavirus

Consumer Spending Amid The Coronavirus

The start of U.S. economic recovery is likely approximately six weeks away, if China’s experience with the coronavirus provides lessons learned. While China’s economy is grappling to regain its footing, there is also evidence that its severe measures to contain the virus were successful. And in consumer spending, PYMNTS polled U.S. consumers about the virus’ impact on how they work, eat, travel, play and shop. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DatData: 

85 percent: Approximate share of U.S. consumers who said they were concerned on some level about contracting the virus.

65.7 percent: Portion of consumers who said they felt the media was making the virus seem worse than it actually was.

47 percent: Share of retailers expected to take a revenue hit due to the coronavirus.

42: Number of stores Apple has reopened in China.

27.5 percent: Share of U.S. internet users who were avoiding public places.