The Pandemic’s Effect On eLearning Platforms And Deliveries

Pandemic’s Effect On eLearning Platforms

Some families and students are turning to online tutoring amid the pandemic, as adults are navigating digital platforms to access instructors who can help them refresh their skills. Global platforms fuel these connections, but it’s essential for them to offer compelling and convenient payment experiences. And in retail, delays at the United States Postal Service are beginning to impact eCommerce deliveries. All this, Today in Data.


$325B: Projected value of the global eLearning sector by 2025.

91.6%: Share of first-class and priority mail packages delivered on time in July by USPS.

83: Number of countries in which PayPal users can send but not receive funds.

70%: Share of freelancers who desired to be paid digitally in 2019.

$12.8B: Expected increase in the U.S. eLearning market’s value from 2020 to 2024.