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Providing Wine Consumers With eCommerce Innovations

eCommerce Innovations In The Wine Industry

Retailers are finding success in the complex, highly regulated wine industry, and are looking to top off loyalty as coronavirus orders flow. Wine Insiders, in one case, has combined edgy technology and innovations, and supplemented traditional marketing channels with digital advertising. The firm has also extended its anniversary sale promotion amid historic uncertainty and temporary closures of local businesses. All this, Today in Data.


2014: The year that DRINKS, which was Wine Insiders’ chief competitor, acquired the company.

1982: The year Wine Insiders started its direct marketing and door-to-door sales operations.

$400M: Amount of revenue Wine Insiders has brought in to date.

47 percent: Share of Wine Insiders’ revenue that comes from mobile devices.

6M: Minimum number of orders Wine Insiders has had from households throughout the country.